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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are the prevalent way that people locate information on the internet. To have a specific website rank highly for specific search terms takes knowledge, research, and most importantly, work and effort. Site content, page titles, image alt tags, metatags, and headers must be optimized for the desired search terms. This is only the beginning of the SEO process: we offer an effective and inexpensive service that will promote your site in all major search engines.

The SEO Solutions Package

Search engine optimization is an entire process that involves planning, analyzing, optimizing and maintaining. In order to achieve your overhaul we have a package that is both versatile and scalable to your specific company goals.

Package Overview

The SEO Process

Plan and Analyze


Reporting and Maintaining


For the complete SEO Solutions Package there will be a one time payment of $1450. Contact us to get started and for more information on our SEO solutions package!

Need more? Need a deeper solution for your SEO needs such as additional comprehensive page overhauls, more keywords, or additional SEO options such as article writing, blog creation, social networking solutions, and more, call or contact us today.

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From initial strategy, through development and deployment, to ongoing operations, you can rely on New Legend for best-practices consulting and expert hands-on web services.