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What's going on at New Legend?

New Legend Media launches major new ecommerce initiative based on Magento


We are excited to announce the kickoff of 3 new ecommerce projects all based on Magento, the new defacto leader in open source ecommerce systems. Magento, though relatively new, is a feature-rich new ecommerce platform with a strong internal architecture and solid support. "Our expectations for leveraging Magento for our ecommerce clients are very high. Magento came out of the gate strong and appears to be innovating at break-neck speed." says Jeff Hilton, president of New Legend Media. Look for more information and updates as we begin launching new systems for our customers.

New Office Location and Phone Number


We are all excited about our new office location in the International Business Park, just off the Tollway in West Plano.  The new office allows us to better collaborate internally and to provide better customer service with improved internet speed and phone systems. The International Business Park setting better fits our B2B business model than the previous retail office location.

Our New Address:
6404 International Parkway, Suite 2035
Plano, TX  75093

Our New Phone Number:
Phone: 972-733-0613
Fax: 972.733.0622

A New Logo and a More Focused Brand


The decision to redesign our corporate logo did not come easily. I had a real fondness for our NLM bird, but we had really evolved and grown so much over the last 6 years that it just didn’t fit us anymore. We all decided that our story was really about our unique ability to bring together design and technology through the web medium.

New Legend Media really is about a group of talented artists and engineers that collaborate and blend their skills to produce outstanding websites for our customers. Our new corporate logo represents the two elements, design and technology, held together tightly and beautifully by the bold letter N. The small swoosh on the left suggests the forward movement and dynamic nature of our work. We hope you love it as much as we do.

NewLegendMedia.com Receives a Major Redesign


NewLegendMedia.com is the hub of our marketing efforts and is the “storefront” that our clients often see first. We have completely redesigned it from top to bottom to better reflect our current offerings and to serve as a true communication and community building platform for us and our customers. This first release is focused on cosmetic changes to reflect our new brand identity and on a refinement of the descriptions of our products and services.  But the best is yet to come, stay tuned as we release our new email newsletter and our web business blog over the next month or two.  These two exciting new tools will give you an opportunity to learn more about doing business on the web and the latest in design and ecommerce trends. Sign up for our newsletter today so you wont miss a minute of these new offerings.

Our Services

From initial strategy, through development and deployment, to ongoing operations, you can rely on New Legend for best-practices consulting and expert hands-on web services.